Thursday, August 19, 2010

The New Challenge

The new challenge for me these days is ... Saving Money! I have to break out the trusty ole' planner and start preparing the menu for the week. I tried the "Make Ahead Meals" and regrettably, that plan failed miserably. I simply don't have time on the weekends to cook all day Saturday when I'm doing all the other things that I don't have time to get done during the week. All the frugle blogs say that if you plan your meals weekly, then, you don't have the stress of 4:45 "what's for dinner" problem. It seems that it's cheaper too. So we will try this.

Step 1:   sit down with planner and weekly sales paper from local market and make a list of things family   
              will tolerate eating during the week.
Step 2:   get grocery list together and go to the grocery (without children!)

Keep in mind that grocery stores are on a 12 week cycle for sales. So stock up on family favorites and necessities to last 12 weeks. ( wow! can you say too many boxes of cereal in my pantry) LOL!

I also need to start looking at consignment cloths for the kids. Time to start scouting- maybe even do some garage sales.

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