Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back to Nature

A couple of weeks ago Brian & I got to get away to the mountains for the weekend for some much needed R&R. (NO KIDS!)The family that we're building a house for graciously offered us their mountain house and we graciously excepted.

So off we went to Blowing Rock NC. This is a small little mountain community right off the Appalachian Trail and it's simply breath-taking. It has one of those charming little Main Streets with the ice cream parlor next door to the art gallery. There are so lovely B&B's we would like to go back and visit. There where quaint little restaurants and shops. And the park was full of kids having a great time.

We were able to sleep late, see a few deer, Brian even killed a snake. We got the 4-wheeler out and went exploring and found the waterfall and walked down as far as we could. We had a wonderful time, Thanks Gary & Amy!

We stopped by the Appilachian Trail

Brian at the base of the waterfall

There was this beautiful waterfall right down the hollow from where the house was. We had to hike a little bit to get there, but it was SO BACK TO NATURE. It was amazing.

This is where Jed and Granny Lived.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Day At The Park

We went to Hollingsworth Park last weekend and had a great time. It was a beautiful day, bit warm, but the kids got to play on the playground and we took some cute pictures. I'm glad that it's summer and time to be outside.
We will definitely go back again. They have a wonderful area of green space that is perfect for Frisbee or croquet, or just plan running or "kick the ball". Lizzy is walking like a pro and Tyler is so good with her. He helps her fall over all the time. lol. (laugh out loud)