Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life Changes

Life can change in the blink of an eye. Some of you have experienced that. Whether it's a car accident, death of a loved one. Sometimes even the worst of situations can end with the most beautiful ending.

I had been praying for awhile now that God would touch my husbands heart and make him see what he was doing to his family. Now, don't get me wrong, he is not abusive in anyway, he just wasn't there for us like he should be.    One night God answered my prayers by really injuring my husband. Fortunatly this injuries were not life threatning and he will heal. But it was enough for him to wake up and realize that is was going down the wrong road and his kids and wife were suffering.

My faith in Jesus as grown so deeply during this, my words can't express. All I can keep saying is "Thank you Father" over and over. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Blowing Rock Family Vacation

We never made reservations for the beach, and couldn't decide on what we really wanted to do this year. So when it was time to go and do SOMETHING, we decided to head for the mountains. It seemed like a refreshing get-away. It's been so hot this year.
This is Grandfather Mountain. It's beautiful and 1500 feet above sea level. It makes you want to pack your backpack and set out on a treck aross the Blue Ridge Mountains.
We stopped at Linville Caves. The kids loved it. Although I think Tyler had more fun throwing rocks in the stream than going into the caves.
Blind fish. They are fresh water trout and live in the dark. And I mean dark. You can't see your hand infront of your face. Very Cool!
It was one of the best vacations we have ever taken.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Racecar Driver

It's this the most handsome fellow you've every seen?

I’m So Proud

I took T to school again this morning. We did things a little differently , like switched his booster seat to the other side, so he could get out easier in the drop off line. I could tell he was nervous on the way to school, but he said he was just listening to the music. This time I got to watch him as he walked in, and I could tell he was scared; he started to walk real fast. I don't think he saw anybody he knew so that made him a bit more scared. He has never been without me like that. Alone, without a familiar face. I cried. I love that little boy like nothing else and it's as hard on me to watch him grow in this and let go, as it is for him to learn to be a bit more independent. I'm proud of him, because it is something that he is not worried about and he knows he can do it. I'm watching my little boy grow up and it's a wonderful experience, but I don't want him to get bigger and loose this innocence.

I also know that next week, walking inside from the drop off line will be second nature and he will be a little more confident.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Car Line

BooHooo, BoooooHoooo! I just dropped my baby off in car line for the first time. AAAhhhhh, booohooo. I knew he was nervous, and I was too a little bit. But I never thought that I would cry. He did great, His teacher was standing right there, Jesus was with us this morning.

They told us in the parent orientation that this year we would see them become more and more independent, and this is the first step. I'm so proud. My little baby is growing up.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The New Challenge

The new challenge for me these days is ... Saving Money! I have to break out the trusty ole' planner and start preparing the menu for the week. I tried the "Make Ahead Meals" and regrettably, that plan failed miserably. I simply don't have time on the weekends to cook all day Saturday when I'm doing all the other things that I don't have time to get done during the week. All the frugle blogs say that if you plan your meals weekly, then, you don't have the stress of 4:45 "what's for dinner" problem. It seems that it's cheaper too. So we will try this.

Step 1:   sit down with planner and weekly sales paper from local market and make a list of things family   
              will tolerate eating during the week.
Step 2:   get grocery list together and go to the grocery (without children!)

Keep in mind that grocery stores are on a 12 week cycle for sales. So stock up on family favorites and necessities to last 12 weeks. ( wow! can you say too many boxes of cereal in my pantry) LOL!

I also need to start looking at consignment cloths for the kids. Time to start scouting- maybe even do some garage sales.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Make Ahead Meals

In an effort to make my and my family's life more tranquil.... I am attempting to prepare dinners ahead of time and freeze for easy dinners. So far it's been a real riot... who knew I would need freezer to oven containers? and Then you have to go buy them:( But, it's going to save me a 5:30 pm headache, because I can pop something in the oven and then make my children Thier dinner, because as we all know.... they NEVER eat what you eat. I SOOO envy you SAHM,'s. you have the time(but maybe not the patients) to sit your kids at the table and make sure they eat what is on their plate. I have 45 minutes. The scenario go something like this..... T- will you eat the mash potato's please. 10 minutes later. T- will you eat your chicken please. T- will you eat your potato's please..... over and over until bed time. Knowing full well the kid is going to say to me right before I turn out the lights "Mommy, I'm hungry" Damn! T- I told you to eat your dinner.... you will just have to wait till morning. But I can't sleep, my tummy is growling. (cave-in) Peanut butter and crackers. When you know you have to get up at 5:00 am and it's 8:00pm, there is no room for battle. It's PB & crackers.

So maybe if I spend less time cooking and more time on the getting the kids to eat better, then I will have a better feeling about myself. I will have conquered the "picky eating" battle.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Love This..

I just found this cool little web site. Picnic. I Loovvee it. You can do some cute things with picutes. I just quit using paint.net and started using this web-based site. Check it our Here.