Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lexy, The Reindeer Dog

Tristan, Tyler, Zandan & Lizzy

The Gleaves at Christmas

I've got a few last minute pic's of the family that I want to share before the season is over completely. Have a great New Years!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas! We are anxiously awaiting Santa today. Tyler has tried to talk me into opening presents for the past two days. I've been strong, we have to wait.

Tyler has had a relapse of the walking pnumonia he has a couple of weeks ago. So he's been home all week running a very high fever and a unstopable cough( poor baby). He's just glad he didn't have to go to school this week.

We are haveing the Gleaves over tonight for Christmas dinner, and open presents and visit. It should be a nice time, we us all here. We are going to start to track santa later tonight. i hope I can get Tyler to sleep. Happy Holiday!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays !!!

Happy Holidays Everyone...... We are all excited about Santa comming this week. All the Shoping is almost done. We are going to see Santa today at a neighborhood Chistmas party in Westchester.

We took some CUTE pictures of the kids yesterday in front of the Christmas tree that I can't wait to get posted. Tyler is at the age when it's hard to get him to sit still long enough to take a picture and then I have to make sure he is not making a goofy face...

Well, the Gleaves are comming over to our house on Wednesday and I'm making "Shrimp & Grits"... very non-traditional, but very Southern. yum, yum!

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lizzy Belle

Lizzy is getting 2 new front teeth for Christmas. Thank You Santa!

Santas' Little Helper

This is Tyler, he's 3 1/2 now and everybit the curious little boy. I have to say he is my shining star. He's anxious for Santa this year. He has just now really got a grip on the Santa Claus concept. You know, ... be good because Santa is watching and he'll bring you presents if you behave yourself. I don't think he is worried that he won't get anything, he is expecting a bunch of toys.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hello and Welcome to the Smith's Family Blob. We are a beutiful family of 4. Brian, Shannon, Tyler and Lizzy and our dog Lexy. We live in the great state of South Carolina.

Brian and I have been married about 8 years now. I fell in love with him at first site(it does happen). We enjoy each others company and love spending time with our children. Tyler is almost 4 and Lizzy is just 7 months old. They are both beautiful and special in their own right. And very spoiled.

Brian and I are a residential building team and have a small "mom & pop" business that keeps us going. Rosewood Properties Inc. We've been in business for about 7 years and we enjoy working for ourselves even though it is very demanding. It also allows us to spend time with our children that we wouldn't normally get to do.

I hope you enjoy watching our family grow.