Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hello and Welcome to the Smith's Family Blob. We are a beutiful family of 4. Brian, Shannon, Tyler and Lizzy and our dog Lexy. We live in the great state of South Carolina.

Brian and I have been married about 8 years now. I fell in love with him at first site(it does happen). We enjoy each others company and love spending time with our children. Tyler is almost 4 and Lizzy is just 7 months old. They are both beautiful and special in their own right. And very spoiled.

Brian and I are a residential building team and have a small "mom & pop" business that keeps us going. Rosewood Properties Inc. We've been in business for about 7 years and we enjoy working for ourselves even though it is very demanding. It also allows us to spend time with our children that we wouldn't normally get to do.

I hope you enjoy watching our family grow.

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