Monday, August 10, 2009

Big Church vs. Smaller Church AAAHHHHHH!

We haven't been to church in a few weeks. I know, I know... we usually go to a BIG church, you know the kind, 3000 members and you never see the same people twice. I have just not wanted to deal with it lately. It was too much hassle for a Sunday morning and church shouldn't be a hassle.

When it's hard to find a parking place that's not a half a mile away, and trying to get the kids into their Sunday School room has become stressful, it's time to reevaluate. So we are searching for a smaller community of believers. Don't get me wrong, the BIG church has it's merit, I loved the preacher, and they offer SO many classes, 101 classes, regular Bible Study classes, how to study the Bible classes, how to be a leader classes and so forth, and don't let me leave out Starbucks(yes, that's right) but I wasn't really connecting with anyone.

So anyway, I found a new church to visit right around the corner from us and they have a great web site(big plus) so we took the plunge. Now keep in mind I have not been in a few weeks, so I was needing some serious joyful worship time. It was so different and I LOVED IT! Their music was so much more joyful and expressive.Very uplifting! I was feeling the Spirit so strong I shead some tears. The preacher was talking to people in the congragation and calling people by name. He was down on our level where we could see him. It just felf better.

Plus, the people were Soo much more friendly- because they know each other and knew we were new faces. And because they knew we were newcomers, they helped us out so much. Even found us in the sanctuary to let us know the kids were ok. That totally won us over. No more Big Church for me.

They say that the big church is what people are gravitating towards, but I'm not so sure. Maybe the younger generation. But for me, I was raised with a small country church that I went to with my Gandmother, any just about everybody there were relatives, so I like the kinship of the small church. The only drawback- they know when you don't show up on Sunday. LOL!

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  1. In the late 90s and Early 00s Big churches have been popping up on every corner. I must say that I was sucked into the idea of being part of something "big" While its exciting to attend the "it" church in your area, after a while that gets old and you wanna connect with people. I found it extremely hard to connect. Even with all the classes and things and never got beyond surface stuff. I not go to a medium size church and really enjoy it. While I struggle with not being just another face in the crowd, its all for the better.

    So I just want to encourage you in your search for a new Church home. It can be difficult, but God will guide you to the right place. :D