Friday, August 7, 2009

Character Makeover

I don't normally RAVE about the books I have read. But since I have started walking a different path and I am trying to improve myself to be the BEST Christian I can possibly be, I have found a book that has helped me do just that.

"Character Makeover", "40 Days with a Life Coach to Create the Best You" by Katie Brazelton and Shelly Leith. Let me just say that every person I know should read this. It's amazing. It's a great tool for women's groups and Bible study groups. Katie also wrote "Pathways to Purpose" and "Praying for Purpose", which I intend on reading soon.

She sets the book up as life coaching sessions at her house or strolling by the lake with a cup of coffee and just chatting. But the point to this is to build your character by examining your Humility, Confidence, Courage, Self Control, Patience and a few other aspects. It give a section for journaling and some self exercises to help dig down deeper. It amazed me what I found out about myself. I put a few pieces to the puzzle together an I had a few "Ah-ha" moments. (I love those)

I'm a changed woman. Thank You Katie and Shelly for helping me truly understand what God wants our character to be like. The kindness, generous-ness, forgiving-ness, humbleness and courageousness and most important, God-Centeredness instead of self-centeredness, that Christianity is based on.

I would highly recommend this read to anyone. Even if your not in the self-help frame of mind, it's always a good time to work on your character.

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  1. I just finished a great book called Small Acts of Grace by Alice Gray. Very good! Very inspirational.

    I have wanted to read Character makeover,but have just not gotten around to it!