Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Face For Spring

Don't be freaked out if you think you're on the wrong site. I have had to update for Spring. I was feeling a little dark with the other background.

I have to express how hard it is to find "the perfect" layout/background. I have scoured, I mean scoured the internet sites for the layout that would express the feel of my family. I looked through templates and backgrounds. Templates seem to be a bit too cold for a family site, at least the free ones are. And the backgrounds, although abundant and very cool, a lot don't work with the 3 column yet. I MUST have the 3 column now. I can't go back to 2.
Call me spoiled, but it's so nice to have the extra room.

If you are wondering how to do a 3rd column, just Google it and there are a couple of good sites that explain it. But be careful, there are different methods and some work and some don't.

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