Friday, April 10, 2009

Another Late Night Entry

I read on someones blog the other day, that they were at a loss for words. She blogged as an outlet from her crazy days with kids and family life. But, lately the words wouldn't come. I understood where she was coming from. By the time I get to my keyboard, my mind is so exhausted that the idea I had earlier has escaped me.

I would love to be one of those SAHM's that get PAID for their blogging efforts. But most of them are writers by profession. I'm sure they have a natural talent for topics of conversation.

I always have a funny idea rolling around in my mind, but as my time is consumed by "real life" during the day, it's not easy to blog about it late at night.

For now I will keep typing away and maybe add some cool pictures that I have come across. I got this one from MorBCN on Flickr. It's from his vacation in Venice. His pic's from Amsterdam as pretty great too. If you get a chance go check out his/her work. It's beautiful.

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