Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Big Move

We are moving. We have foud a house to perch in for a while and I hope it all goes well. Into the unknown. Tyler is really going to be in for a whammy, because I have decided to move him to a new school as well.

My family isn't what you would call "church go-ers". We visit on special occasions or when my mom sings in the chior. But this new preschool is at Brookwood and it is wonderful. I took him there today to get familiar with it, and we will go on Sunday morning and he will go to the new Sunday school room. I'm hoping the transition won't be too tramatic for him. I mean, he has been with the same kids for 2 years now. But I can't say that any of them are true friends.

The new preschool is so much more. There is more caring and teaching. it's more of a family and friends. Unlike his daycare, where the teachers are more or less there to collect a paycheck.

I'm thinking of hiring a nanny for Lizzy. The situation has presented itself and Brian said sure so there is my study time! YEAAAAAA! I might actually pass my classes.

Wish us luck for these comming weeks. I'm stressed out so badly with everything going on. I just hope the move goes well for the kids.

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