Saturday, March 28, 2009

OH, Happy Days!

We are in our new house. It's a total disaster(messy), but we managed to cram everything in. Truth be told, I totally dig this house. Flat yard, laundry up, kids playing in the street. It's got tons of storage and all the closets are big enough.

The only thing that has been a problem is the school work that I can't seem to make time for. I have met with both of my instructors this week and I don't feel quite so panicked. BUT, I'm still behind. I'm gona to be working my butt off this week to catch up. Brian and Abby are going to have to be the substitute moms.

Confession...... I can't go to school with 2 small children and focus on school.

Lizzy is at a beautiful age right now.She is in to EVERYTHING. It's so cute! Plus I want more time to spend on this Blog and to learn more about the web development aspect of things.

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