Friday, February 6, 2009

What's New at Home....

We have recently signed up to build a house for a very nice family. Although with me starting school, I'm not sure when I'm going to find ime to do it all. Brian is starting to be very supportive of my time to study. He has put Tyler to bed 3 nights this week.....That is a record! We are definately going through a adjustment period and it will take us some time to get into the grove. But we're working on it.

Don and Liz left yesterday to go on a cruise:D So jelous!!!

Let's see.... Tyler is moving up at school next week. He's going into Ms. Regina's class and I am so glad. He's also going to be with his best friend Colin. They don't get into trouble when they are in the same class.

Lizzy is on the verge of crawling up the stairs. It's time for baby gates and covering up all me outlets. It's amazing how "into" everything she is. You've heard the term " like a sponge" well, she is a sponge.

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