Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yea, it's that time of year to start baking again. My little man and I sat down in the floor tonight and when through my cookie mags and I find some really yummy looking ones. But first I must figure just how many we need. Little Man wants to make, like , 30 different kinds... yea, o.k.:) Let's trim that list down just a little bit, ok?

Something that I must also consider this year is the packaging...cute boxes? or cute tins?

I'm getting excited, I have to take stock of my "tools" pastry bags, cookie cutters. Last year I had a real hard time finding nested trees. this year I'm going to try to find nested snowflakes. I've come across some georgous pictures of the "snowflake" cookie and want to try it. (It's late and I'm tired or I would put in a link). But the picture is inspiring.

I've been cruising around looking at some other baking blogs and as much as I love to bake and create, I think I might start doing a bit more- carve out a little bit more time out of the day. I'm not much for "cooking" but I love to bake. Cookies, pies, cakes... what ever. and I love the baking blogs... so cute! and the pictures are so much better and colorful.

Well, Happy Hollidays.... God bless and may He bring you peace.

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